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Access control for your business. Control who has access to which parts of the building and how often they can be entered with a system that puts you in charge of security at your business.

Security risks can be minimized or eliminated entirely by installing an access control system, regardless of how big or small the building is. There is no longer any requirement for standard lock and key installation or replacement thanks to access control systems. Complete management and monitoring of all personnel, visitors, and contractors on your business or premises are now possible with powerful, yet intuitive, software. It only takes a few clicks to add or remove users from your system, streamlining your HR operations. Additionally, use the access control readers to keep tabs on employee attendance.

Access control solutions incorporate numerous advanced capabilities, such as:

  • Simple user access scheduling Seamless integration with video surveillance
  • Each employee’s arrival and departure times are recorded
  • Prevent stealing from within and without
  • Keyless Entry System
  • The use of remote monitoring

Among the available access technologies for user identification are:

  • Number pad
  • Access cards
  • Biometric fingerprinting
  • Face recognition
  • Ocular Detection

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